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Beginners, it's Your time!
If you have just started or are planning to start working in the Forex market, we want to tell you right away that there is only one way to success. The secret of winning is very simple – you need to start small, then gradually increase the size of the transaction and your investment. Remember that even the most talented traders could not immediately earn thousands of dollars every day.
Psychology is what is important!
Scientific research has shown that if You have a sufficient level of independence (you can be responsible for your own actions, not paying attention to the opinions of others), then only psychology can become a hindrance to Your success. It can make you a loser forever. The same research has confirmed that the best way to beat yourself and your psychology is to start trading for small (and sometimes even just ridiculous) amounts. RBC Forex gives you this opportunity. We have developed an innovative technology specifically designed for beginners. It removes any restrictions on the minimum size of the transaction. For example, if you open a 0.01 lot position on a cent trading account, one point will cost about 0.1 cents.
less than a dollar is enough for you to get started!
By Opening a cent account, you will be able to start working on the Forex market with 10 cents. The most important thing in this case is to completely relax and be ready to increase this amount with small risks. Gradually, you will be able to start trading for an amount of one dollar or more. If you feel that your psychology is under complete control, then feel free to increase the size of transactions. If you have patience and focus on the task at hand, you will soon be psychologically comfortable operating with tens of thousands of dollars. After that, You will be able to proudly call yourself a true trader!
Don't be afraid to take risks!
As your professional growth Progresses, you will increase the size of your investment and at any time you will be able to switch from cent accounts to dollar accounts without any Commission. There are many professional successful traders who started with micro-trades and now work with millions of dollars.
Success is guaranteed for You!
If You are completely independent in your decisions, do not need the control and help of your superiors, want to work for yourself and like to communicate with money, then you will definitely be able to make a good capital on the Forex market!