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Catch the wave and earn always!
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Want to please our clients with our contest! "Catch a wave" is a great opportunity to increase the size of their capital. To be a winner, You just need to have time to close out open positions by the end of the week with an income of more than$ 10 to get in the TOP 10 most successful traders! The first 5 places will receive $ 50 of sleduya 5 will receive $ 20. So every week we're giving away 350$.
Distribution of prizes
How to be a winner?
Every client of our company registers the real account and work on it. If his income is more than$ 10 then he has every chance to win nice cash prizes, which are distributed in accordance with the table presented to Your attention below.
How to get the prize?
At the end of the contest You have a chance to bring in the money! Please note that the winners are eligible to re-participate in this competition.
Everything as transparently as possible!
We guarantee honesty and openness in the conduct of the competition. For this each participant will be given the same password (Rbcforex111). As a result, You have the opportunity to follow all of your competitors.
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