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Regional representative office
This form of cooperation is ideal for successful and purposeful agents and companies with their own offices in any region of the Russian Federation. You will be able to bring your income to a new level and attract additional clients for your main activity.
It is easy to Cooperate with us!
To open a regional representative office, you just need to have an office where you will be able to consult clients and, if desired, carry out the procedure for withdrawing / depositing funds to our company's accounts. If you are active in the field of online technologies, and especially if your field of activity is closely related to electronic payments or electronic currency exchange, then give your clients the opportunity to top up their account with RBC Forex and get additional income!
Everything is extremely transparent!
You will receive one point from each completed transaction of your client. We strive to work as openly as possible with our regional representatives, so you can always follow the work of your clients online. In addition, a link to your representative office will appear on our website, and You will receive a comprehensive and comprehensive assistance in promoting and popularizing your services.
What do I need to become a regional representative?
What do I need to become a regional representative?
alt Permanently reside in a particular city
alt A Stable, high-quality and reliable Internet channel that is needed for operational communication with us
Please note that you can earn extra money by organizing courses for beginners in the Forex market. It should be emphasized that such training encourages clients to conduct more active trading and gradually increase their own income.
To organize and conduct training courses, you need:
alt Computers
alt Good Internet channel
alt Presence of a legal entity whose Charter contains a record of providing consulting services
For Each regional representative, we:
alt We Provide modern and thoughtful training materials.
alt We Provide comprehensive marketing, information, and technical support
alt We provide Hosting and name: "Your город", as well as e-mail — selected by you имя
alt Adding a link to Your regional office on the official website of RBC Forex
alt we Provide effective promotional materials that will help you develop your business as quickly as possible!
For more information, please contact the regional development Department
From 9 to 20 Moscow time