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Individual partner
Every client of our company can Become an individual partner. Moreover, this happens automatically. You get a special referral link in your personal account. You can install it to attract new users on any resource, send it to your friends, or simply ask them to register with our company using the provided link. If the invited client has registered using Your link, it automatically becomes Your referral.
How do I know that a user has actually become my referral?
Hundreds of users become our clients every Day. At the same time, thanks to the use of special cookies, we are able to accurately identify invited traders. You can be completely sure that a user who clicks on Your referral link once can register on our company's website at any time and is guaranteed to become your referral. Please note that the duration of cookies is unlimited.
How Much will I get?
1 pips
With each transaction made
After the trader has registered using the referral link, you will automatically receive 1 pips from each completed transaction of your referral after it is closed. It should be noted that you can always get acquainted with the list of your referrals on the corresponding page in the partner account.
What qualities should a successful individual partner have?
in order to constantly attract good customers, You need to have a good knowledge of financial markets, be able to promote your website or any other resource on the Internet, and be well-versed in the modern online space.
How much do your individual partners earn
Many individual partners of our company earn several thousand us dollars each month. At the same time, this figure is constantly increasing. We are extremely open to our partners, so you can be 100% sure that the trader you attract will bring a good income throughout the entire period of cooperation with us. We provide an impeccable level of service and are always ready to provide comprehensive technical and information support.
What is the algorithm for generating income from the attracted client?
You will receive one PIP For each completed trade of the listed trader. Your income will change proportionally depending on the number of transactions Of your referral.

For Example, a user opens a position on the Euro / Dollar currency combination and finds himself in a small loss. This loss is the spread, which is the difference between the size of the purchase and sale. This spread is received by our company, and a certain part of it is sent to the individual partner who invited the trader. If the user opens a position on a combination of Euro / Dollar with the end of "v", then he pays the spread in the minimum amount, but at the same time he must pay an additional Commission.
Some numbers
Based on basic arithmetic calculations, we can say that if You can attract several dozen traders, and each of them will make more than 30-40 transactions per month, then for each of your referrals, you will receive about $ 10. At the same time doing trade and inviting people, You will be able to maximize your turnover. After a certain time, Your monthly income may well be in the thousands of dollars. Please note that all work with attracted clients will be done by our company. This will allow you to focus on trading and attracting new users!
We must remember
We would like to draw Your attention to the fact that advertising your referral link via spam is strictly prohibited, as is the use of an autoreferal system.