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Trade Investor System
RBC Forex has developed a unique innovative system for mutually beneficial investment. We offer every experienced and qualified trader the opportunity to become a Manager and earn income with the help of investors ' capital. Alternatively, you can become an investor by making money by investing your money in managers ' accounts. Please note that You can be a managing trader and investor at the same time. Moreover, if you want, you can even invest in your own account.
How does an investor earn and how to become one?
The Investor invests his capital in the accounts of managing traders. You can use an unlimited number of accounts to invest. The amount of income depends directly on the amount of investment and on the success of the Manager who trades on a special account, as well as receives a set percentage of the income of investors.

If you want to become an investor, then you need to find the "Investments" section in your Personal account and go to the "trader Rating " tab. On this page, you will see a table of managers, which indicates their performance indicators. Using special filters at the top of the table, you can choose the most suitable Manager (by Commission amount, success rate, etc.), and then simply connect to his account.
How does the Manager earn and how to become one?
As mentioned above, the Manager trades on the Forex market and receives a set percentage of investors' income. If you want to become a managing trader, then you need to find the"Investments" section in your "Personal account", then select the "Become a trader" tab. Then you need to choose a real or demo account to work with. Fill out the form that appears and specify the percentage of the Commission you want to receive from the income of your investors.

If you open a real Manager's account, $100 will be automatically transferred from Your existing account to it. Please note that the specified amount must be on Your account if you want to become a Manager. After that, you can start trading and earn positive dynamics. Potential investors will evaluate Your work and, if successful, will start connecting to Your account and investing their money. As a result, you will immediately receive the earned profit from your own money, which was transferred to the management account during registration, and a Commission from the income of investors.

If you don't have $100, but you really want to become a Manager, then we suggest you open a Demo account of the Manager. However, it should be emphasized that this option applies only to traders who have reached the third stage in the RBC Forex investment program. Please note that such an account is displayed as a DEMO in the rating. Of course, investors trust the demo account less, so we recommend that the Manager immediately open a Real account and start generating really good profits!