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What are Funds?4
Funds are the main indicator on the account. Funds = Your balance + Credit + current profit on transactions. You can read more in the training section.
What are Funds?
Credit is the company's money that we put into your account as a bonus or prize – they are no different from the balance – also involved in drawdown and trading. But they can not be removed from the account. Funds are used for trading. Funds = Balance+Credit+Current profit. In a certain situation, you may have a negative amount on your balance – if there are no open transactions, at the entrance to the Cabinet part of the loan is transferred to the balance, restoring it to 0.
Can I trade with an expert Advisor?
The trading advisors are permitted for all groups of accounts, excluding investment. The EA can be disabled if it overloads the server (requests more than once per second).
How to choose a cent/dollar account
By default, a dollar account is registered – but you can change the display of cent/dollar at any time – both in MT7 and in MT4 – just read our instructions.